Critical Illness Insurance

Most people only consider critical illness insurance cover as an add-on to life cover, but for many people and their families critical illness should be the number one priority, simply because more people each year suffer a critical illness than die.

A sudden change in someone’s health or a severe illness can have a devastating effect on individual person or a family.

Just think, would you be able to keep up the mortgage payments on your home if you couldn’t work as a result of illness or injury? Would your family be able to pay the bills or maintain their current lifestyle?

All critical illness insurance cover has important terms and conditions and you need to know what these are before buying any policy.

The amount of information can seem daunting and that’s why I personally give one-to-one guidance and advice to all of my clients.

I’ve seen firsthand how critical illness insurance has saved families when unexpected serious illness and injury occurs, and I would be delighted to help you too.

Get in touch with me today and we can arrange a time to help you decide what you need.