Business insurance

There are specialised insurance policies that protect business owners, partners, directors and employees. In some cases the survival of a business will depend on whether it has the correct insurance cover in place.

Public Liability Insurance and Employee Liability Insurance protects your business against a claim by employees, customers or members of the public. In fact this cover is a legal requirement for your business.

However, some businesses have not considered the consequences of a partner or director dying or being unable to work through illness or injury. Could your business survive if you had to suddenly raise capital to pay off a deceased partner’s or director’s share in the business?

Business Insurance policies can also be used as a tax-efficient benefit for staff such as personal life insurance cover.

Every business is unique, therefore expert analysis is required to identify the risks and set up appropriate insurance cover to protect the future of the business and its staff. All business insurance policies have terms and conditions so it’s important to know what these to make sure you have the correct levels of cover.

I personally work one-to-one with my business clients to analyse what’s needed and propose the best solutions, and I’ll be delighted to help your business too.

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